Our first objective is to promote growing food naturally for local community.

We encourage local community (specially children at school) growing a single (yes just one plant) vegetable plant (any type of edible plant)  for them to gain experience and use this knowledge for whatever purpose in the future that can benefit everybody.

Why only one plant to grow? Good for people without much time for this project due to their daily work. Good for children at school maintaining just one plant at school premises. Aside from their busy lifestyle, majority doesn’t care about growing edible food as it’s (natural or chemically grown foods) readily available and cheap from the marketplace. Informing them that growing our own food naturally will benefit us due to the fact that what we are eating is free from hazardous chemical fertiliser and pesticides that

Permaculture implementation is always the end game once people get hooked into growing food naturally that start from their single plant.


Our Projects:

Our Objectives: