Our Objectives

We practice vermicomposting, utilize compost materials, comfrey and nettle fermentation repairing nutrient depleted soil to sustain naturally grown food for the future benefit of human, wildlife and environment.

We influence local community to start growing food naturally from only one vegetable plant (any type of plants)  for them to gain experience and using their knowledge teaching others doing the same objective.

Our first objective is to promote growing food naturally for local community.


Our second objective is to generate a natural soil enhancer to support plant growth.

  • Eggshell


  • Comfrey Fermentation

Comfrey is used as an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen (stem/leaves/N1.8), phosphorous (buds/roots/P0.5) and potassium[potash] (flowers/fruit/K5.3) due to its roots ability to penetrate subsoil and extract nutrients then deposit to its leaves.

  • Nettle Fermentation

Nettle is used as a natural fertilizer rich in nitrogen (stem/leaves/N1.7), phosphorous (buds/roots/P0.6) and potassium[potash] (flowers/fruit/K4.5) we often mix it with comfrey.

  • Vermicomposting

Our third objective is to generate natural pest control and introduce beneficial insects.

Our fourth objective is to harvest rainwater to sustain plant growth.


Our fifth objective is to grow tree as a source of energy.